SCEJ 72nd Annual Meeting

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Application on the web (Sample)

Fill the following form and click the [ OK ] button. The application form will be processed automatically and the processing results will be shown. If the application form is accepted, the acknowledgement mail will be sent to the e-mail address you input on the application form.

See also the notices about the application on the web, the detailed description on each item on the application form (in Japanese), and the sample application form.

You can submit the application form from November 6, 2006. The deadline is 10:00 pm of November 27, 2006.

Each item name is linked to the help description (in Japanese). (You may miss the input contents when you return to this page after visiting the help pages.)

Topics 1st choice: , 2nd choice: --- Choose the topics code from the topics code list.
Presentation style O: oral, P: poster
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Choose the speaker with a radio button preceeding the author name.
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Remark will be processed by a human. Fill this box only when you have any special requests.

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Fill all the required items and click the [ OK ] button.

It may take around a minute for the software to process your application. Wait for the result page to be displayed. To prevent duplicate submissions, do not click the [ OK ] button again while your web browser is showing a message like "Uploading data."

If the application form is not accepted, the reason will be shown on the result page (sorry, in Japanese). In the case, go back to this application form using the [ <- Back ] button or equivalent of your browser, correct the contents, and upload the form again. If the application is accepted, the acknowledgement number will be shown as well as be sent by e-mail (sorry, the letter in Japanese).

SCEJ 72nd Annual Meeting

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