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The 72nd Annual Meeting
The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan
The 72nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (Kyoto, 2007) is supported by
Kansai Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Osaka Gas
Kaneka Corporation
Bel Japan, Incorporated
Sekisui Chemical
Nitto Denko
Showa Tansan
Showa Denko
Taiatsu Techno
Department of Chemical and Chemical Engineering, Kanazawa University
Kyoto University - Department of Chemical Engineering
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Ask inquiry-72awww2.scej.org for supporting the meeting.
Mon. 19th–Wed. 21st March 2007
(Yoshida-Nihonmatsucho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto)

The 72nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan was held on the Yoshida-South Campus of Kyoto University from March 19th to 21st, 2007. Thanks to more than 1700 participants, the Meeting was closed with great success. We appreciate all the supports and efforts made for the Meeting.

The book of preprints was released on the J-Stage website. As most of the preprints are in Japanese, see also Japanese version.

The next SCEJ meeting is the 39th Autumn Meeting held in Sapporo from September 13th to 15th, 2007.


Participants Authors Exhibiters

Application Mon 6 Nov 2006–
Mon 27 Nov 2006 (22:00 JST)
Exhibition application by 20 Dec 2006 (17:00 JST)

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Received applications (in Japanese)

Manuscript submission by Fri 12 Jan 2007 (22:00 JST)

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Early-bird registration (in Japanese)
Registration (in Japanese)
Tue 19 Dec 2006–Mon 19 Feb 2007 (24:00 JST)
Tue 20 Feb 2006–Wed 28 Feb 2007 (24:00 JST)
Accommodation booking (in Japanese) Tue 19 Dec 2006–Wed 28 Feb 2007 (24:00 JST)

On site

Participants Authors Exhibiters
On-site registration

Hand in the filled “On-Site Registration Form” with the registration fee to the reception desk of the Meeting. The form is provided at the reception desk as well as can be downloaded here: MS Word format or PDF format.

Presentation guideline Exhibition guideline
Venue (Access, Room layout)
Registration, Lecture rooms, Exhibition hall: Academic Center Building, Building 1, & Faculty of Integrated Human Studies Building, Yoshida South Campus
General meeting, Special plenary lecture: Clock Tower Centennial Hall, Yoshida Main Campus
Technical program (in Japanese)
Social programs
NewTech Session, Industry-academia-government cooperation program, General meeting, Members' assembly, Special plenary lecture, Banquet, Young investigators' salon, Students assembly
Division, working group, committee meetings schedule (in Japanese)

NewTech Session: Exhibition

Mon 19 March & morning of Tue 20 March

Symposia “Leading-Edge Technology Program”

10:00–11:00 am, Mon 19 March
Keynote lecture
“Practical MOT that intensifies plants —Six rules for shifting engineers' way of thinking—”
Mr. Hideaki Nagata, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

The above information was translated by the Committee. The lecture will be in Japanese.

11:20 am–5:00 pm, Mon 19 March & 9:00 am–12:00 noon, Tue 20 March
S-1 Nano-processing (Invited presentations only)
S-2 Forefront of fuel cell technology development
S-3 Process & production technology
S-4 Plan and practice of reasonable facility management consistent with function, security, and cost —Risk based maintenance—
S-5 Business strategy of chemical industries
S-6 SCEJ Technology Awards (Invited presentations only)

The above information was translated by the Committee. The program will be in Japanese.

6:00 pm–8:00 pm, Mon 19 March

Industry-Academia-Government Cooperation Program “Promotion of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration by Technology Road Mapping & Communication between the Sectors”

9:30 am–12:00 noon, Tue 20 March

The present vision and stage of road mapping and perspectives by the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan and the present stage and perspective of technology road mapping by the Japanese government will be brought together for discussing the future collaboration.

  1. Presentation by the METI
  2. Presentation by the SCEJ — about the organization and activities of the Society and the digest of the activities of the Divisions of the Society
  3. Presentations by the Divisions of the Society
  4. Discussion

The above information was translated by the Committee. The program will be in Japanese.

Special plenary lecture

Clock Tower Centennial Hall, 4:15 pm–5:15 pm, Tue 20 March
“Establishment of human embryonic stem cell lines and the application to medicine and drug discovery”
Professor Norio Nakatsuji, D.Sc
Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences
Kyoto University

The above information was translated by the Committee. The lecture will be in Japanese.

Young investigators' salon

Students assembly

Registration of speakers

The speakers need the registration to the meeting in addition to the appication for the presentation.

Early-bird registration

Early-bird registration fee is applied to the registration and payment before and on Monday 19 February (JST). Although the on-line registration system will be available until Tuesday 28 February, the regular fee will be applied to payment on and after Tuesday 20 February (JST).

Application for presentation

Application for presentation at the SCEJ 72nd Annual Meeting has ended.

Inquiry should be addressed to

The 72nd Annual Meeting Organizing Committee, the Kansai Branch of the SCEJ
Fax: +81-6-6443-6685
E-mail: inquiry-72awww2.scej.org (This mail address is not valid anymore.)
Kansai Branch, SCEJ: http://www.kansai-scej.org/

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