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SCEJ 72nd Annual Meeting

Applicant & speaker

  1. Only members of the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan can submit applications.

  2. The speaker should be one of the following:

    • SCEJ regular member/honorary member
    • Employee of SCEJ corporate member companies
    • SCEJ student member
    • SCEJ divisional member (individual member only)

    The SCEJ divisional member does not mean an employee of the SCEJ divisional corporate member company.

    The speaker who is not an SCEJ member must join the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan before the meeting.

  3. Only papers which have not been published or presented elsewhere can be presented at the meeting.

  4. The regulation of the symposia "Leading-Edge Technology Program" is different from that of general sessions. See the Symposia "Leading-Edge Technology Program" web page (in Japanese) about the application guideline of the symposia.

Application for presentation

You can submit an application form in English over the Internet. See the detailed instruction listed below:

  1. Topics code list
  2. Application on the web
  3. Application by e-mail (in Japanese)
  4. Inquiry guideline

Manuscript submission

You are requested to submit a manuscript of the preprint. A PDF file of the manuscript can be submitted over the Internet. See the following instruction:

The "Book of Preprints" will be published both in CD-ROM and in print. The preprints will be also published at the J-STAGE website after the meeting. J-STAGE allows anyone to view the preprints.

  1. Manuscript preparation guideline
  2. Uploading the manuscript PDF file on the web
  3. Manuscript submission form

Manuscript review

The format and style of the submitted manuscripts will be reviewed. Manuscripts in irregular styles would be rejected.

SCEJ 72nd Annual Meeting

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