Sub-division of Integration Engineering (IE)

SCEJ 47th Autumn Meeting Symposium by the IE Sub Division
   SY-5:Information Integration and Modelling Approaches
  Organizers : Masahiko Hirao (The University of Tokyo), Hirokazu Sugiyama (The University of Tokyo), Emi Kikuchi-Uehara (The University of Tokyo)
  Description : In order to make good decisions in the process industry, integration of various knowledge and information is necessary, and as its fundament, researches on "modeling" is becoming increasingly important. In this symposium, we will discuss the role of information integration and modeling approaches as its support with a focus on the chemical/pharmaceutical/food industry, recycling industry and the social systems.
  Date of the Meeting : 9 Sep. 2015–11 Sep. 2015 on Sapporo Campus of Hokkaido University
      Room J, 9 Sep. 2015 (1st day of Autumn Meeting) 13:00–17:00

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