Action Policy of SIS Division

       The Division of Systems, Information and Simulation Technologies (SIS Division) is a representative organization with respect to the fields of systems, information and simulation in the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ). The purpose of SIS Division is to make progress in science and technology and to exchange the ideas and information related to those fields, and to extend the cooperation among industry, government and academia.
            In the design and operation of various production systems, energy systems and social systems, the computer and internet technologies are rapidly progressing. Furthermore, in recent years, the development of information technology based on mathematical and data science such as IoT (Internet of Things), utilization of big data, AI, soft sensor etc. is remarkable. This information technology are tried to be applied to various fields such as molecular design, physical property prediction and making plant smart. Due to the above background, the role of SIS Division on SCEJ is getting bigger. In order to fulfill our mission, we should seek the improvement of activities of the division as a base of researchers and engineers contributing to creating academic value of our fields.
            In our division, four subdivisions have been organized and are actively working. From now on, we should promote cooperation among subdivisions, and support students, young researchers and engineers who aim at contributing our fields.
            All members are requested to participate in the activities of SIS Division continuously, but if you are not a member and interested in the activities of SIS Division, please join us to progress your research and business. We look forward to your participation and your contribution
            Chair of SIS Division
Naoto, Ohmura