The 20th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering
Green Chemical Reaction Engineering for a Sustainable Future
Beyond the Kyoto Protocol
Sun 7–Wed 10 September 2008
Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, JAPAN

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The ISCRE 20 meeting theme is “Green Chemical Reaction Engineering for a Sustainable Future.” The theme was chosen to be inclusive of a broad range of both modern and traditional chemical reaction engineering topics — from engineering science fundamentals to emerging industrial scale engineering challenges. Communication of recent research and industry issues across these fields will contribute to the progressive development of processes and products that are environmentally more benign. Papers in the areas concerning frontiers of chemical reaction engineering and environmental and energy reaction engineering are particularly encouraged, but papers from other reaction engineering disciplines are also welcome. The topics are identified below, but the detailed technical program will be finally determined on the basis of the accepted papers.

A. Energy and Environment
A1. Reaction Engineering for Energy and Environment
A2. Reaction Engineering for Sustainable Development
A3. Reaction Engineering in Resource Conversion
B. Reaction Engineering Fundamentals
B1. Molecular Dynamics and Molecular Engineering
B2. Modeling and Simulation of Reacting Systems
B3. Microreactors and Microstructured Systems
B4. Novel Reactors and Process Developments
B5. Fluidized Bed and Multiphase Reactors
C. Nanotechnology and New Technologies
C1. Catalysts and Catalytic Reaction Engineering
C2. Biochemical Reaction Engineering
C3. Reaction Engineering in Materials Processing
C4. Fuel Cells and Electrochemical Reaction Engineering
D. Others

The topics listed formerly were categorized as above.

Most recent update: May 8, 2008