The 20th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering
Green Chemical Reaction Engineering for a Sustainable Future
Beyond the Kyoto Protocol
Sun 7–Wed 10 September 2008
Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, JAPAN

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283 papers will be presented at oral and poster sessions of ISCRE 20.

Some presentations which had been once accepted as poster were shifted to oral sessions.

Special lecturer

  • Yoshimitsu Kobayashi,
    President & CEO, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
    “Japanese chemical industry programs aimed at achieving sustainability”

Plenary lecturers

  1. Jaap C. Schouten,
    Prof., Eindhoven University of Technology
    “Chemical reaction engineering: Recent developments and future scope”
  2. Tadafumi Adschiri,
    Prof., Tohoku University
    “Chemical reaction engineering for supercritical fluids —Supercritical hydrothermal synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid nanoparticles—”
  3. Ferdinand Lippert,
    Senior Vice President, Chemical Engineering, BASF
    “Process Intensification @ BASF”
  4. Milorad P. Dudukovic,
    Prof., Washington University
    “Reaction engineering: Status and future challenges”
  5. Zhenyu Liu,
    Prof., Beijing University of Chemical Technology
    “Recent development of coal liquefaction technologies in China and related reaction engineering challenges”
  6. Dion Vlachos,
    Prof., University of Delaware
    “Coping with the challenges of energy and the environment: Emerging opportunities for reaction engineering”

Technical sessions

  • Energy & environment
    [Room A] Oral sessions 1A2–3, 2A1–4, 3A1–3, [“Swan”] Poster session PA1
  • Sustainable development
    [Room A] Oral session 1A1, [“Swan”] Poster session PA2
  • Resource conversion
    [Room K] Oral sessions 2K2–4, [“Swan”] Poster session PA3
  • Modeling & simulation
    [Room I] Oral sessions 1I1–3, 2I1–4, 3I1&n 3, [“Swan”] Poster session PB1
  • Microreactors & micro-structured systems
    [Room J] Oral sessions 1J2–3, 2J1–4, [“Swan”] Poster session PB2
  • Novel reactors & process development
    [Room K] Oral sessions 1K1–3, 2K1, 3K1–3, [“Swan”] Poster session PB3
  • Fluidized bed & multiphase reactors
    [Room G] Oral sessions 2G1–4, 3G1–3, [“Swan”] Poster session PB4
  • Catalysts & catalytic reaction engineering
    [Room H] Oral sessions 1H1–3, 2H2–4, 3H1–2, [“Swan”] Poster session PC1
  • Biochemical reaction engineering
    [Room H] Oral session 2H1, [“Swan”] Poster session PC2
  • Materials processing
    [Room G] Oral sessions 1G1–3, [“Swan”] Poster session PC3
  • Fuel cells & electrochemical reaction engineering
    [Room J] Oral sessions 3J1–2, [“Swan”] Poster session PC4

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