The 20th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering
Green Chemical Reaction Engineering for a Sustainable Future
Beyond the Kyoto Protocol
Sun 7–Wed 10 September 2008
Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, JAPAN

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Special issues

Special issues for ISCRE 20 will be published in two academic journals: Chemical Engineering Science (CES) and Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan (JCEJ). The authors whose abstracts have been accepted for the presentation at ISCRE 20 are invited to submit full-paper manuscripts to these journals. The format of manuscripts and the submission procedure follow the respective journal's regulations.

We will accommodate around 160 papers in the Special Issues of CES and JCEJ. The outline of each special issue is as follows:

Journal Publication media Publication date Number of papers Preference by authors
(as of 31 Jan 2008)
CES Hard copy, CD-ROM, and web May, 2009 (tentative) Maximum 100 CES 237
either 104
JCEJ CD-ROM and web 30 papers in Dec., 2008 and
the rest 30 in Jan., 2009.
Around 60

The CD-ROMs of the special issues of CES and JCEJ will be delivered to all the participants of ISCRE 20.

Manuscript submission and reviewing

The handling of the Special Issues will strictly follow the following rules and regulations.

  • The selection of journal is totally left to author(s). Once you select the journal, you can not change it on the way of reviewing.
  • Since the number of papers we can accommodate is limited as given above, you are requested to make decision carefully when submitting your paper.
  • The rating of your abstract may be a clue on your decision. The preference of journal given by the authors on the abstract submission was 237 for CES, 23 for JCEJ, and 104 for either journal. Those authors whose preference was “either journal” may be encouraged to submit to JCEJ.
  • Manuscript submission procedure follows the instruction of each journal. Submission is possible from June 1 through July 8, 2008 for CES and July 12, 2008 for JCEJ (extended deadlines).
  • All the manuscripts are reviewed through the regular routine of each journal. Several Editors selected from the Scientific Committee and the Organizing Committee will handle the reviewing process. The reviewing is strictly restricted just for the Special Issue.
  • Even when the manuscripts more than the capacity limitation, 100 for CES and around 60 for JCEJ, are qualified as acceptable by the reviewers, the editors can accept only as many manuscripts as allowed by the capacity limitation.

Length of manuscript

The length of each paper is limited to six printed pages (not the number of pages of your draft to be submitted for reviewing, but the number of the final layouted pages to be published in the special issues, if accepted).

Manuscript preparation and submission to CES

Manuscript submission page was already closed.

  1. Prepare your full-paper manuscript according to the Elsevier's Guide for Authors.
  2. Visit the CES homepage at
  3. Create a new user account unless you already have the account.
  4. Login the Elsevier Editorial System with the account.
  5. Choose [ Submit New Manuscript ].
  6. Choose “Special Issue ISCRE 20” as article type.
  7. By following the instruction displayed, fill the submission form.
  8. Choose “Kouichi Miura, Managing Guest Editor” as an editor you request.
  9. Attach a PDF file of your manuscript.

Manuscript preparation and submission to JCEJ

  1. Prepare your full-paper manuscript according to the JCEJ's Instructions for Contributors. It is recommended to use the JCEJ template file for MS Word if you use MS Word.
  2. Visit the JCEJ homepage at
  3. Create a new user account unless you already have the account.
  4. Login the online submission system with the account.
  5. Choose [ New submission ].
  6. Fill the submission form. Make sure to choose “Special Issue for ISCRE 20” as “Journal Issue Type”.
  7. By following the instruction displayed, upload a PDF file.
Most recent update: July 18, 2008